Sunday, June 19, 2011

the week end

I feel like I say this almost every week, but I honestly cannot believe it is Sunday night already! If normal weeks fly by, this one was mach speed... but also incredibly loooong at the same time. :)

We had VBS all week with all of us having to be at the church from 8 to noon every morning. And then we had swimming lessons at a private pool over in Smyrna (a 30 minute drive for us) for both kids having us out of the house from about 2:15 to 4:30 every afternoon. Bookend that with houseguests last Sunday thru Wednesday and then houseguests this weekend and you have got one tired mama! And kids.
So glad this week is (so far) more laid back!

Last weekend it was the Howards who were here visiting. LeeAnn's sister lives here in Nashville and they used our house as a crashpad. It was fun to catch up with LeeAnn... I've always been a little disappointed that we didn't become friends until just literally weeks before we left Michigan. And the fact that two of our boys are just a week apart in age... Sawyer and Lukas were fast friends this week (not having remembered each other from before). They were basically joined at the hip and there really wasn't one ounce of tension or arguing, they got along so well! And LOVED sharing a bedroom. I always think it's so funny... when we have girls over it takes hours for Savannah and her friends -or even when it's Sawyer and Lucy- to settle down and we usually end up having to move one of them to another room before they'll actually settle down and go to sleep by midnight. But every time we've had another boy stay in Sawyer's room, they are out like lights. Love it!

This weekend, the Malones made a pit stop (I'd link to their blog too, but it hasn't been touched in two years(?!) so....) for the start of their vacation. Always great to see them... the kids all had a blast and we so enjoyed our time with old friends! They came to church with us this morning and we all went out to lunch for Father's Day before they hit the road again.

After lunch (at Ryan's favorite bbq joint) and bidding the Malones adieu, we did a little Father's Day shopping to celebrate the resident father here (he's had a few things on his list from Academy Sports so we hit that up... new sunglasses, flip flops, a bike pump and a new frisbee!) and then the four of us went to see a movie (KFP2) and are following it up with a fairly early bedtime... we all need it!
All in all I'd say it was a happy day!


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