Friday, June 24, 2011

i get a headache from not being in the water for too long...

That's my five-year-old's claim.
I spent some time on the computer this morning and going thru some paperwork, then did a little laundry and remade the guest bed (for more guests tonight) and we didn't make it to the pool this morning until after 10am.
If you ask my children? Torture.
After all, they hadn't been in the water since 4pm the evening before.
How could I deprive them so?

I have to admit, it was the perfect day for a swim. Bright, sunny and hot, but not too hot, with just the hint of a breeze for Mama to sit and read poolside and not be too miserable. And surprisingly, we were the only ones at our pool for most of the three hours we were there. It was a perfectly relaxing way to spend the morning/midday.

For as much time as we spend at the pool, I realized today that I had yet to take a single picture of the kiddos down there since we moved here. Hence a few quick snaps today:

fyi: Ryan got a waterproof case for our little video camera for Father's Day and he attempted some underwater footage this past week, but since we've had some pretty good storms on and off all week, the water was really too cloudy to see very well the only time he's had in the pool. You can be sure you'll see some under water antics posted 'round these parts sooner rather than later though!


Mom said...

The pool & water look great,nice and refreshing!I guess that boy of yours really is part fish.(since he suffers so much out of the water)The pics are cute,looking forward to the videos!XOX

Heidi said...

Levi has been loving his swimming lessons this week too.
Wish we could swim with you guys though...that would be so much fun!
That Sawyer is too silly.

Me said...

The boy on the blanket is too cute! That is an awesome pic! You take great pictures!

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