Monday, June 27, 2011

weekend report

Let's see... how did the weekend fly by this time?

Friday evening Sawyer had a friend with a birthday pool party we went to. The kids had a blast... two diving boards and a waterslide. Need I say more? We've never had diving boards at our own pools, so while Savannah has braved the board a handful of times during swim lessons, Sawyer had never had the opportunity in his short five years. He was just the slightest bit of hesitant walking out the first time high over the water, but after that first jump, he was hooked! He probably jumped off the diving boards fifty times that night. Backwards, twists, tricks, and the works with some of his favorite friends. They were fun to watch. :)

Ryan had a friend down visiting from Chicago, staying with us all weekend, so Saturday we took him downtown and showed him around, had lunch at a nice little brewery down by the river and came home to finish out the afternoon at the pool.

Sunday morning Mr. L left super early and the rest of us were still in bed when Ryan got back from the airport. He came back to bed and we didn't wake up until about 9... Ryan was still sleeping and I heard the kids downstairs, but they were entertaining themselves so I picked up my book and we didn't actually get out of bed until 10am! So nice. :)
Needless to say, we skipped church and just had an honest day of rest. Which was nice because I feel like we've been going going going and with all the visitors we still have on tap (Laughlins this weekend, yay!!) it was nice to just have a whole day of nothing to do but relax with the family time. We did head out to the zoo for a bit because it had been a nice morning, but the rain caught up with us and we threw the towel in after an hour or so. We had a lazy afternoon just lounging around waiting for the Malones to show up... they were our final houseguests to cap off the weekend, stopping in on their way home to STL. We had a really fun night with Chinese food, some Beer Frisbee in the backyard, and lots of great stories to tell. The kids all slept great, Ryan made us all pancakes this morning and then we sent them on their way with lots of hugs goodbye.

And now we're onto another week.
How oh how do these Mondays always come so fast??!?


Mom said...

I really do think 3 day weekends should be the norm!XOX

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