Friday, June 10, 2011

friday drive by

Bullets real quick like--

  • I'm having a hard time with the fact that it's Friday already. I mean on one hand, I've thought each of the past three days have been Friday (I'm lost without a school schedule to keep my on track!), so it's about time it really got here. But on the other hand, our week has been packed full of so much miscellany -and our weekend's got more of the same- it seemed to fly by. Glad it is Friday though.
  • Playroom is officially finished. All I need to do is throw a fresh coat of paint on the built-ins (someday) and to go buy the fabric for the window treatments (already picked out). Yay! I believe that completes the entire first floor (well, minus the laundry closet room, but that's always closed off anyway. i do have plans to get to that too though. someday). so nice to make this house ours!
  • I've been a little spray paint crazy lately. Don't sit still too long around here or you might get a coat yourself. Chalkboard paint (to match our new chalkboard wall) is the flavor of choice lately. :) I'll share some projects soon!
  • I lost 7 pounds this past week (since last Thursday). So encouraging!!
  • Although we baked cookies today, so we'll see how my willpower holds up to the test.
  • This weekend kicks off our summer of visitors... LeeAnn and fam arrive on Sunday for a mini vaycay and to see her sister who lives here in Nashville as well, and we are providing room and board :). Really looking forward to seeing everyone!
  • Got to spend the day working with one of my favorite new friends here preparing for VBS next week. So glad to be working with her and excited for the week ahead!
  • Did I mention I'm glad it's Friday?!?


KimBerly said...

COngrats on the 7 pounds. Way to go!

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