Friday, June 10, 2011

looks like it was a good night

You know you're a blogger when you take pictures of your garbage can contents at the end of the evening ...

(and no, we don't have glass recycling service here... so annoying! especially coming from where we come from!)

We had new neighbors move in behind us and just met them yesterday. They joined us this evening for dinner and stayed for some great get to know you convo and a few drinks and games of pool. Fabulous company.
It helps that they're the only other people we've met in our immediate neighborhood under the age of 50.
And that they're a pretty cool couple.
Also nice that they like to play games.
And enjoy a few drinks with us as is apparent by the above image.

Let's just say I can already tell morning is going to come too soon...

Super fun night though. Seriously enjoyed the company. So fun to be talking over the fence again and having friends just able to walk around the corner to head home. :)


KimBerly said...

No recycling?? I would freak out on the city. I am a recycling Nazi!!

I'm glad you met some fun neighbors. We have a great neighborhood but everyone is over 50.

Mom said...

Yay for new friends!! But nothing wrong with the over 50 crowd by the way.Some of the best people I know are over 50!!;p XOXOXOXOXO

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