Tuesday, June 7, 2011

these kids today

~These kids of mine like to match and dress up as twins as often as possibly lately. Which gets a little tricky when you're talking about a boy and a girl. Especially a girl who likes the color purple. ;)
They often pull it off nicely though... here are my "twins" today:

~These kids will never tire of Hide and Seek. I thought it was a phase... oh about two years ago. And they're still at it. They've formed all sorts of new versions along the way. This morning they used a Magnadoodle and made a map of the house and the Seeker got to have three rooms marked off where the Hider would not go. Then later they drew a map of each room they were going to hide in and drew all the furniture and such in the room except for whatever they were going to hide in/around/behind/under and the Seeker had to try and figure out what was missing and hence, where the Hider was. Then they started hiding a penny... considerately marking the map as to which room the penny was in.
I am not exaggerating when I say that they played Hide and Seek all. morning. long. Just the two of them.

~These kids are obsessed with fire right now. There was a big house fire about a mile from our house this past weekend (this family lived there*), just down the street from our good friends... who we were joining for dinner that same afternoon... which meant driving right through the neighborhood just a couple of hours into the ordeal. News crews, police, firetrucks, lights, barracades, the works. And our friends knew the kids from that house, the whole neighborhood was smokey and stinky and so of course it was a big topic of conversation all night.
So the kids have been playing fire, saving their stuffed animals, making emergency plans, and just asking and talking about a lot of that stuff in general this week. Not stuff I really like thinking about, but hey, at least they're more in the "let's be prepared" camp than the worried or frightened of a house fire place they could be.

~These kids are getting along pretty well in general as of late. Except when they're not. And then it's pretty ugly. Ironically enough, it's the older one who's having more of a problem. I guess she's always been the more dramatic, emotional one, where Sawyer is just kind of laid back and lets things roll off his back. But I'm kinda sick of my eight year old being the one hitting and pinching and hurting her little brother in almost every altercation. Seriously? You're eight. You didn't do that when you were two thru eight so why now??

~These kids are doing awesome at helping out with house stuff since school's been out. They've been doing their jobs without complaining and keeping their bedrooms cleaned up and helping with lots of extras. Here's hoping that lasts the whole summer!!

*I'm embarrassed to admit that when we heard who's house it was, I had to ask who Trace Adkins was. I mean, I knew I knew the name, but I couldn't tell you if he was a sports guy or a movie guy or a music guy or a even politician. Is it sad that I live in not only Music City, but basically Country Music City and I didn't know this guy was a country music star? Hmmm... listen to country much? Not if I can help it.


KimBerly said...

It's great that they play so nicely together.

Mom said...

Cute twins!Clever too!I like that new paint color. I have been seriously thinking of going to that similar shade in some of my house.What paint/name is that??Hope the rest of the week goes as well ,and you can nip any fighting in the "butt"! ;) XOX

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