Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ball boy

Last night was the last baseball game for this spring!

We had a couple of great coaches (even though we were short on practice time much of the season!) and they both raved about Sawyer often; his big hits, his great throws, his focus on the game and his fun attitude. And they said they want a cut when he goes pro. :)
Sawyer's bummed it's over and is asking to sign up for more immediately. He's all about playing fall ball, even though we kind of hope he'll go back to more soccer in the fall. We'll see.
I'm just kinda happy that after the pizza party tomorrow, that's one less thing on our schedule for now!!


KimBerly said...

I tried to post here and it wouldn't let me.. Hope this one works..

They all look so cute in there little uniforms.

Mom said...

Grampa and I are very proud of Sawyer!XOXOXOXOXO

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