Monday, May 16, 2011

plussed out

If I could just be handed another weekend, that would be kind of nice.
Saturday morning we were out bright and early to pick up some mulch and necessities for more yard projects, then headed home to get ready for a baseball game. Went straight from the ball game to a baseball team party, filling the afternoon with a fun birthday party visiting with lots of great families. We left that party to run home and clean up and figure out some dinner for friends arriving to stay the night on their way home from Florida to STL again. We had a great night (and a late night!) chatting and catching up with those guys and then Sunday morning they came to church with us and then we had a church luncheon thing after our service. We came home after lunch and attempted just a bit of yard work (honestly, like 30 minutes)(in the misty rain) before heading out to another of Sawyer's baseball games. After the game we joined some friends from the team for dinner out.
Whew! We came home and wound down with a movie before bed.

I have a mess inside my head today and I feel the urge to head in a million different directions at once. There are at least two dozen lists I'm refraining from writing down (although maybe writing it would help alleviate some of the chaos in my head?!) and trying to force myself to stay focused on one task at a time right now. I feel crazy overwhelmed and I'm not really sure why it's all cresting right now. There's just so much I want to have done now. Yesterday really. Hence the weekend redo request.

Over Mother's Day weekend we acquired a few new items and I'm still trying to get situated with those... new (used) bookshelves in the living room which resulted in the unpacking and organizing of books and photos; a new desktop computer which resulted in the final purging of the storage room office and slowly trying to (for next to free) find furniture and a few things on the walls to go in there so it can actually be enjoyed as a room -and second guest room-; and a zillion new plants and flowers to replace the bushes we removed from our front yard. All the planting has been a slow, drawn out process as our evening/weekend schedule (aka the time Ryan can help since this whole project actually involves some not-minor digging) has been crazy busy and the 95° days followed by 55° days full of rain have not been helping to that effect. I'm hoping this week we'll finally be done with the front yard mess!

Plus I've got a few other house projects still floating around in my head that won't leave me alone... really wanting to get the playroom painted and done and then since we got the bookshelves in the living room, if I could just find/make the right window treatments and recover our old storage ottoman then that room will be finally completely done. Oh, except for the storage drawers I want Ryan to build. :)

Plus, for some reason, I just cannot get caught up on regular house stuff lately; laundry is insanely behind and all over the house, I need so badly to clean out the fridge (scary!) and give basically everything in the house a good once over. I just feel like I'm not home enough lately and I don't know why that is.

Plus we've had three houseguests in the past two weeks, have a weekend trip coming up for us, and other camping/fun trips I'd like to get organized.

Plus I'm starting myself a new, rather restrictive, specific, diet and brainstorming all of that and trying to plan time to exercise.

Plus I'm feeling the urgency nudge to really, seriously this time, get going on foster care stuff again.

Plus I'm down to the last two days of Sawyer's school year... and two weeks for Savannah so that means my legitimate free time is quickly dwindling.

Plus I really need a haircut.
This one I might just move to the top of the "list". Thinking of how a lighter, fresh, new haircut can seem to lighten everything else for a bit...


Mom said...

There is never enough hours in the day.I am hoping that by now you HAVE written down at least a few of those lists. And that the haircut is topping a list,because that will make you feel so GOOD!Try to eliminate anything that just isn't that important. And enjoy and love on those kids, EVERY min.XOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

i know just how you feel. i've been making lists like crazy lately and there is SO MUCH i want to do but never enough time. i am thinking about giving up twitter/facebook/blog reading for the month of june to see if that helps... we'll see. :)

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