Monday, April 11, 2011

monday morning

We're coming up on 24 hrs till our visitors arrive... which means I'm at the tail end of my procrastination and will have to start getting my butt in gear soon and get this house cleaned up. Or at least the sheets washed.

In the meantime, I'm trying to decide if I want to run to the store before the "storm" hits in the next couple of hours or not. I'm hoping to have all my party supplies done and ready to go before Ryan's sister arrives tomorrow so we can spend the week relaxing and having fun and not running around gathering party paraphernalia before Saturday. I'm pretty squared away, but just need a couple of randoms.

We had unbelievable summerlike weather this whole past weekend... temps in the 90's! It was nice and breezy though, so not too uncomfortable even with baseball midday both days.
So I guess after we squeezed this July weather weekend out of April, we're due for some wicked weather today. Just hoping it's not quite as wicked as last Monday with a few too many tornadoes in the area. And hoping this doesn't become a Monday routine. Although I have to say the lovely weekends are very appreciated! :)

Alrighty then. Just thought I'd check in aand say Happy Monday. Happy Monday!
Now I'm off to probably procrastinate just a bit more...


Mom said...

You definately have a busy and fun week ahead of you.And visitors with babies add that much MORE fun.Hoping the storms blow over and you can enjoy the day. Mondays are not MY favorite.XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

jenny said...

have fun with your company! i'm so jealous of your awesome weather (minus the tornados)! :)

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