Sunday, April 17, 2011

the 8th party

*there are lots of pictures in this post and if you're viewing this in a reader the words and pics probably won't line up... click on over if you can!*

Savannah has been especially all about the Art this year... she, as she always has, loves to draw and illustrate and create things. More recently she's been looking forward to taking more art classes at her favorite hang out, and her favorite class at school is by far her art class. So when I mentioned an Art Party for her birthday celebration she was all over it.

I feel like I've been saying this about each new party as the years go by, but I think I had the most fun yet with this one.
I used some printables from here as a base for the decorations... lots of bright colors and splotches of paint everywhere!

For the cake I just (tried to) cut a large sheet cake into the shape of a paint palette (harder than I thought!), covered it with fondant and then put some bright spots of "paint" on it.

Instead of writing on the cake (which I always avoid if at all possible) I splashed a little paint on a small canvas and wrote a Happy Birthday on that to stand up next to the cake.

We covered the party table in butcher paper and put out boxes of crayons for doodling.

Of course at an Art Party, there was art to be made:

Other art-y party activities included Pictionary,
Drawing a vase of flowers... with your foot!;

and a round of 'Pass the Portrait', where each artist adds one facial feature to the picture of you as your paper is passed around the table;

We also set up a photo shoot of sorts complete with silly props and smiles!

These pics of the girls will be sent with Savannah's thank you notes. :)

My favorite part was the Ice Cream Sundae creation station...

so pretty and colorful and so yummy!

Sorry, no pictures of their ice cream sundae creations... I was too busy eating mine!

Overall, I think it was a super fun afternoon. I think it helped that it was a smaller party, but the girls were awesome and so well behaved and loved taking home their art-y creations! I know Savannah had fun and she got some arts and crafts gifts from the girls as well to keep her occupied for the next few weeks!
Art Party considered a SUCCESS!


Heidi said...

Beautiful job Heather!
Everything looks wonderful and so much fun.
Happy Birthday SJ!

Mom said...

Success ? I GUESS SO!!! What fun! SO glad you shared all the pictures.I will have to ask Savannah who everyone is.XOXOXOXO

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh. I think this is my favorite party of yours so far! LOVE IT!!! My favorite parts.... okay, all of it... but I especially love the "photobooth" and the "Pass the Portrait". HOW fun!!

Christina said...

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! You are always so inspiring Heather. You make me want to be a copy cat. Great job Mama, and happy birthday to Miss Savannah!

LeeAnn Howard said...

Wow! You should really write an idea book!!! This is wonderful!

jenny said...

um ... can you throw me a birthday party? your kids are so LUCKY! i love this (along with all your other party themes you've done)! nice work - i think you made one little 8 year old SUPER HAPPY. :)

Anonymous said...

completely awesome. i'm planning max's birthday party now and we're having a 'construction truck' theme... if you know of any good ideas, send them my way! :)

jessica said...

You did it again! You truly do amaze me.

KimBerly said...

What an awesome Mom you are. Looks like so much fun.

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