Wednesday, April 6, 2011

oh the random

So glad it's sunny again. We had storms on Monday (four tornados in the greater Nashville area; kids were kept at school late because that's when the storms were rolling through, trees, fences, signs, etc down everywhere, roof repair going on in almost every neighborhood the rest of the week... fun stuff!), yesterday it was fareeeezing (and we had a ballgame last night... fun stuff!) but today the sun is back out and we're supposed to warm up and be back up to 80° by the end of the week. Albeit with more storms I'm sure, but the sunshine and flip flops make me happy.

We're getting rolling on SJ's birthday party.
Note to moms who like to throw great birthday parties: if you set the bar high, you're painting yourself into a corner that may be hard to back out of. We offered Savannah a few options for birthday celebrating this year... a fun outing of her choice with one or two friends, pizza cake and playtime with a small party at our favorite hangout, a party involving an art class at said favorite hang out, or an art party at home. I was pushing for any of the first three options. Guess which one Savannah has her heart set on? "But our parties here are so awesome Mom!"
So here we go:

(invites from here)
(and yes, I'm taking all the shortcuts I can this time!)

Did I mention I'm so happy it's sunny today??

I bought a gallon of milk for $1.32 this morning. Four gallons actually. I've bought three gallons at a time before and we can get through that before it expires, but for that price I couldn't resist a little more. So I've never frozen milk before. It'll be good right?

I need to bake something. I'm thinking these, these or this.

Speaking of baking, the kids held a Lemonade stand last weekend during our neighborhood garage sale. I had promised them we could do that but hadn't realized we didn't have any lemonade, so I ran to the store at 7am for lemonade real quick. I noticed cake mixes were on sale for $1 so I grabbed a few thinking we could turn it into a Lemonade/Cupcake stand... specifically because I had recently picked up these adorable cupcake liners at Michael's...

Do these not just scream
"I belong next to lemonade!"??!?!!

So I whipped up a few batches of pink and yellow cupcakes and the kids sold almost 7 dozen cupcakes with lemonade in less than 2 hours!! Even after recooping my own "set up cost" they earned approximately $37.75! And that was just part of the morning. Sheesh. That's more than I've ever earned per hour!

Don't tell Ryan, but they're earning money and saving for a puppy. ;)

Alright, I'm off to battle with the field of dandelions that is was our front yard. You guys, it's bad. It's honestly embarrassing. I don't even know how this house was listed for sale with a "yard"... it should have specifically said "dandelion bed", front and back. Our neighbors must hate us because on either side of our front lawn -it's literally like a line is drawn between our yards- it's plush solid green grass... and then there's our own yellow flowering "grass". I'm sure they're wishing they could actually put up a wall between our yards to keep any floating seeds from touching their lawns.

But at least the sun's out!


KimBerly said...

Cute invitations.. I jealous about the 80 degree weather. Here in MN we are so happy because it got to 50 today.

beanski said...

Cute! I don't know if you follow One Charming Party but they did the CUTEST art party a while back. They actually offered the $25 PDF of printables for free for a while and I downloaded it. I would be happy to email it to you if you are interested. I've been trying so hard to get Renee to agree to an art party this year but NO. She wants "princesses and bad guys." Whatever that means. Also: GAG.

Mom said...

I think an Art Party is a perfect theme for your budding artist.SO what do you have planned for the cake?? The invitations are super cute.Can't wait to see more.XOXOXOXOXOX

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