Sunday, April 3, 2011

go sawyer

So, baseball.

Don't tell his dad, but Sawyer is claiming to like it better than soccer these days. :)

He's having a blast on his little team.

And we're having a blast watching him!

Most of the time I think he looks way too grown up out there on the field and in uniform.

But then I look again and think he looks way too little in that big bulky helmet...

batter up!

foul ball!

and a hit!

It's gonna be a fun season!


Mom said...

Great pictures! What a cutie pie. I am sure his Grampa is mighty proud! XOXOXOXOXO

Christina said...

So cute. Is this coach pitch or tee-ball? Emilio wants to wait for coach pitch to play again, but they don't start that until 1st/2nd grade out here. Little boys in baseball uniforms are so dang precious. Have fun Sawyer!

heather said...

Christina- they do five pitches and then go to the tee if needed so they all get a hit. Sawyer has always hit the first or second pitch, so he thinks he's pretty hot stuff! But yeah, I think he'd be a bit bored if it was strictly tee-ball.

Mom said...

Sawyer has always been "hot stuff" when it comes to sports.(even at the ripe old age of five!)It comes so easy to him.:0)XOXOXOX

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