Saturday, April 2, 2011

oh savannah

We've been having some issues with a certain just-about-to-turn-eight-year-old around here lately. A whole gamut of issues ranging from undesirable, frustrating behavior yuck as well as now more recently, some extra second grade drama and self assurance issues thrown in. Suffice to say, it's been a rough few months in our seven year old world.

You know, Savannah was such an easy, happy happy baby... such a well behaved, smart toddler... such an obedient, sunny preschooler. Really. I was spoiled.
And it seems as though now the universe is trying to balance out all those good years with the behaviors and testing and attitudes and stresses over the past few weeks. We're talking years worth here people. In mere weeks.
If I'm completely gray the next time you see me, you know why.
Can I just say, we're very much looking forward to a birthday soon... and using it as a springboard for older, wiser, happier choices, happier attitudes and happier days.

I decided Savannah (and I) needed a little extra "face time" one afternoon this week.
And to make it true face time, I pulled out the camera as well.

I don't even know the last time I just sat and shot pics of this girl.

Taking any time to focus on her laughing eyes and her sunny smile.

Okay, so she wasn't the most cooperative and didn't especially love having the camera in her face on this particular day,

but how many pictures do I have of this grin with all it's second-grade gaps?

Not enough.

She's growing up so fast. I often don't feel like I even know who this kid is.

I may just frame this one.

Speaking of frames...
I had been planning on ordering these two prints from an Etsy shop (love all of her stuff by the way) for both my kids' bedrooms. I was actually thinking of it for Savannah's birthday coming up... and saving the son one obviously for Sawyer later.
But following a certain instance of drama and tears and specifically the bruised spirit we encountered this week, I suddenly wanted something for Savannah NOW, so I took matters into my own hands. I sifted through my papers, alphabet stickers and rub-ons and other random embellishments and quick put some of those ingredients together in an extra frame we had sitting around... and by the time Savannah was home from school, I had my own (albeit copied) version of encouragement hanging in Savannah's bedroom for her to be reminded of each and every day.

It's hanging across from the foot of her bed so it's the last thing she sees every night and the first thing she sees every morning.

Love that girl!


Peggy said...

I like your picture better than the original!

Mom said...

Me too.It's beautiful.So glad Savannah has such a creative, caring momma.She must just LOVE IT!Miss you guys.XOXOXOXOXOXO

KimBerly said...

Great pictures!!

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