Thursday, March 17, 2011

{random} thoughts for thursday

>My house is finally looking presentable just in time for our guests to arrive tomorrow night. Which kicks off a calendar full of visitors; these guys this next week, possible guests the first week of April, Ryan's sis and fam the week after that, two separate families for a few different nights at the very end of April, more friends who will make an appearance two separate weekends in June, my parents in July, and Ryan's parents way out in October. Love a full house!!

>I cannot believe this is the same tree in less than two weeks time:
march 1:

march 12:

>Sawyer starts baseball practice tonight. He's excited to try it out. I'm not so excited about how much it all costs... the fee is outrageous (to me), we live out of district so that's an extra $40, and all the stuff you need to play that we don't have; a real bat, helmet, shoes, etc which are probably each like $20 a pop. Why oh why don't they offer spring soccer around here?? I was so looking forward to another cheaper soccer season.

>Made these strawberry donuts yesterday as a trial run for taking them this weekend away with my sister's family. Yum!

>Watching the screen while the kids play Wii Mario Kart makes me dizzy.

>I have at least ten loads worth of laundry to fold and put away today. Three loads from this week added to last week's that never made it out of the baskets... plus most of the laundry from the week before that that actually did get folded but never made it out of the piles in my bedroom, and then was rifled through and picked from all the past two weeks and basically a huge pile of mess. So basically all of the clothes all of us own are laying in avalanche proportion piles in my bedroom. I hate laundry.

>Toenail prettying and painting on the agenda for me and SJ today. This week of 75°+ weather definitely warrants presentable toes for flip flops!


Mom said...

The tree is definately in Spring mode.Beautiful. So glad to hear you are using your donut pans:).And thanks for the reminder that my toenails need some (attention)polish. Afterall,I will be in Arizona next week. I'd rather be in Nashville,but that would have been a bit TOO much of a housefull. Hope you guys take TONS of pictures. XOXOXOXOX

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