Saturday, March 12, 2011

breakfast dates, a picnic lunch and a grilled dinner

All with some kite flying and playground playing in between.
Definitely a perfect spring day around here.

A certain child in this house has been having a rough time lately and so her daddy decided she needed a little one-on-one date time and took her out to breakfast this morning. Well, the rest of us didn't want to miss out so Sawyer and I headed out the other direction and had our own treat; Krispy Kreme for two! It was a fun little breakfast date.

We came home to attack our mess of a house... the kids worked on the playroom and Ryan and I managed to clean out and reorganize the attic storage off our spare bedroom, as well as clean up all the mess of the past month's unpacking/sorting/remodeling/painting projects that have overtaken that end of our second floor. I'm happy to say we now have a guest bedroom and bathroom ready and waiting for guests (who arrive Friday!).
We took something like 5 large moving boxes and a few bags of things to Goodwill.
It's so nice to finally start feeling like we're "moved in" and situated (ie: house arranged and decorated) so I can get rid of everything else we don't need.
After our big drop-off we hit up Sonic and ate lunch outside in the sunshine while the kids played at the park.

We headed back home and Ryan and I wrapped up some loose ends upstairs, thought about tackling the garage for half a moment, but when the 4runner turned up with a dead battery (yes we still have the invalid sitting in our garage) (I can't believe it either) we decided that was a better project for after we're done with houseguests.
The kids spent a few hours outside in the backyard, where according to them it was burning up, sweating hot. Sawyer was stripped down with no shirt on and Savannah had changed into shorts and a tank top and they were both barefoot. And it was only 74°. Oh Lord, I can't wait for summer and their complaining then.

Just before dinner we loaded back up in the car and drove down to SJ's school to fly kites... the kids have both received big cool kites over the past year and we had yet to get them out. Today's sunshiney wind was the perfect day...

We flew kites for a long time and then Ryan and I manned them on our own while the kids spent the rest of the time on the playground before we headed back home to grill up some steaks for dinner.
Mmmm... it was a great Saturday!


Mom said...

Loved hearing the details of your day. It does sound just great!! I recognized the skinny "big" girl flying the elephant.(how cute is that???)But WHO is that tall fella with the other kite?? He is not a little boy anymore!!! :0(

Kim said...

Looks like a great time.. What state do you live in to have shorts on?? We still have tons of snow here in MN.

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