Friday, March 18, 2011

spring or summer?

We have jumped right into full on spring weather around here and we are LOVING it!
Eighty degrees yesterday and today. Yes please and thank you!!
And may I present further evidence of this fantastic weather in the past 24 hrs...

We've been sleeping with our windows open all night and I just love the fresh spring smell (our front yard smells like pear and cherry blossoms right now!) and the sound of the birds singing in the morning. Such a nice way to wake up. :)

Savannah and Sawyer spent pretty much the entire day outside yesterday. Sawyer had a friend over for the morning and then after lunch we walked down to the other end of our subdivision to meet a friend of Savannah's from the school bus and walked her back to our house to play.
Turns out I greatly underestimated the sunshine and temperature, the distance, and the hills immediately surrounding our house (I haven't been walking much in this new neighborhood yet) and by the time we got back (we live at pretty much the top of the biggest hill) I was sadly winded and sweating.
I will admit I am sorely out of shape from this winter, but in my defense they are pretty good hills, I was wearing jeans, it was 80° outside, and I was keeping up with a high energy skipping and running five-year-old boy.
I will also admit that I opted to drive said friend back home when it was time to go.

We had baseball last evening and stopped at Sonic afterward for some after practice ice cream with some friends since no one had school today.
Ice cream, outdoors, at 8:30 at night.
I could definitely get used to this weather!

I'm pretty sure the kids don't have a very realistic recollection of what summer is around here because they're both already making comments about it being SO HOT.
Savannah came into my room this morning as she was getting dressed, with a tank top in her hand, and asked if it was going to be hot again today. I told her yes.
"But is it going to be super hot again like yesterday?"
Oh brother.

Sawyer outgrew all his flip flops last year and he has nothing yet for this year. Savannah, however, has several pair that will still fit her this summer... so she dug them all out and loaned Sawyer some for yesterday. At least she gave him the brown ones and not the yellow and pink with heart graffiti all over them!
I can't get over how close in size their feet are... Sawyer's always had big puppy feet, but I find it hard to believe that my preschooler and my second grader are now just one shoe size apart!


Mom said...

Love those summer feet! We have had the wettest(and coldest??)March since 2003.Looking forward to sunny days ahead.XOXOXOXOXOXOX

Kim said...

I miss summer so much. We're supposed to get snow this week. What the HECK!!

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