Thursday, March 10, 2011

if you give a mouse a to-do list...

I had my work cut out for me yesterday.
And instead of buckling down and checking important things off my list (did I mention we have houseguests coming for a week in just 8 days?!) here's what I actually got accomplished yesterday:

I started cleaning up the kitchen, ran out of dishsoap, then got sidetracked and reorganized a few cupboards.
In going thru my baking cupboard, wherein a certain costco sized bag of chocolate chips would not stop calling my name, I got sidetracked and decided we needed to make chocolate chip cookies. Right now.
After cookies were mixed, baked and cooled, I started picking up the game room living room and got sidetracked when Sawyer wanted to play a game and I offered to teach him how to play Ticket to Ride.

Hmmm... this was beginning to feel familiar.

Determined I had to do something productive, I sat down and sanded the cabinet doors I need to paint... and just as I was picking up the paintbrush, I got a call from the school that SJ had a fever.
So instead I picked her up and took her to the dr to confirm that the sore throat she was complaining about was strep.
Spent the rest of the afternoon getting antibiotics, new toothbrushes and groceries.

In short, my house is in the same condition as yesterday.
Plus I have another bout of sick germs and two kids here to contend with, none of which will probably not help with the condition of said house.

But we do have chocolate chip cookies!


Nicole said...

OMG HAHA! I can totally relate.... it seems like whenever I get on a cleaning/organizing kick I end up creating my own version of that book. I hope SJ feels better soon!

Mom said...

You guys have GOT to kick that strep bug in the BUTT!!!Enough is ENOUGH !!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

Swistle said...

PLUS you sanded!

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