Wednesday, March 9, 2011

wish me luck

My house is a wreck.
Seriously. I'd take pictures, but the mess wouldn't fit in even a dozen of them.
Usually, when we're working on projects and such, there are always a couple of rooms totally out of sorts, typically directly connected to the project we're doing. Painting; furniture moved away from walls, stuff moved into another room, etc.
Currently we have so many projects either going on, projects with loose ends waiting to be tied up or just JUNK sitting around, that it is every room. Not joking.
And that's all mixed in with the everyday mess of a family where the mom has been sick for the past week. Lovely.

Family room: cabinet doors I'm painting are sitting on a drop cloth with the can of paint... have been sitting there for four weeks since I started painting the cabinet they belong to... which has since moved back into the dining room doorless. Also a mirror leaning against the fireplace waiting to be painted and to replace the one currently hung above the fireplace.

Kitchen: bag of ready-mix grout to finish some spots we had to patch the backsplash around outlets (remember the ninety million outlets?? they've been the bane of my existence) and outlet covers floating around. We tiled the backsplash before Christmas!! And of course there's the dishes and the like from last night's dinner and this morning's lunch making. Even the pretty flowers Ryan brought me this week (LOVE!) sitting on the island have done nothing to make me more motivated to clean up in there. Plus there are random tools covering the top of our booksellers bookshelf by the laundryroom door that have been sitting there forever.

Laundry room: random paint cans and spray paint sitting on the dryer.

Dining room: has made progress since being buried in an avalanche of overflow since the office unpacking/purging upstairs sixish weeks ago. Craft stuff sitting in piles, two boxes of garbage and piles of fabric and the like waiting to find a new home. This room was almost unmaneuverable for a few weeks there and now I have a clear, clean table and cabinet and hutch with just piles around the perimeter of the room, so there's light at the end of the tunnel for that one!

Living room: cardboard "dropcloth" and paint can still sitting in the middle of the room from painting it a month ago. Pictures, clock, etc lining the perimeter of the room waiting to be hung. Still waiting for new bookshelves.

Playroom: ugh. Seems especially bad right now because the kids have not one, but two play tents set up in there. Well, set up and then taken down and sprawled all over the floor.

Entryway: trying to find a rug that fits the space that I like... two different ones are there now and all the coats and shoes that were there are thrown into the closet to get out of the way so I could get a "clear view" of the rugs.

Half bathroom: really needs to be cleaned.

Upstairs hallway: overflowing laundry baskets, cardboard dropcloth filled with miscellaneous painting tools, trays and cans.

Office: pretty good, considering I finally unpacked, purged and cleaned out last month. (it's where we, upon move it, threw all the boxes of stuff that wasn't important or didn't know what to do with like books, photos, crafts stuff, office stuff... and also our go-to junk room)
This room currently has no furniture but a small desk (which is currently hosting a dead computer) and there's still a small assortment of boxes of papers to sort through and boxes of Ryan's books (mostly text books I think) I need him to go through. Also for some reason there is still an inflated air mattress leaned up against the wall ever since we used it the week we moved in here... six months ago!

Spare bedroom: wow. It's where lots of the random office unpacking went, waiting to be put into the attic storage. A few boxes of kids clothes, toys, extra frames and decor stuff, our extra kitchen chairs, and also half a dozen boxes for goodwill I've been collecting while toying with the idea of a garage sale this spring. And still a pile of tools and painting paraphernalia from the bathroom project last week. And a random closet door.

Kids bedrooms: messy

Our bedroom: it's laundry day again and I still have last week's all over my room waiting to be put away.

Our bathroom: really needs to be cleaned.

Kids' bathroom: the only room that's actually almost perfectly put together right now. I actually just replaced the under the counter stuff back to under the counter since we'd been painting and such and the only thing left for me to do is scrub the floor... white tile and grout that looks like it's never been scrubbed in the 1o years this house has been here. Can't wait.

I think I'll go take pictures of the good bathroom. For posterity's sake.


Mom said...

Well....good luck with ALL that!!My list of "to do's" is long,but not THAT long.And mine will have to wait for the weekend for me to even get started.Probably wont get outside to work in the yard though,because the forecast is for showers and more showers.Keep us updated on your progress, pictures WOULD be nice!XOXOXOXOXOXO

Kim said...

Good luck!! Sounds like you got your work cut out for you.

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