Thursday, February 10, 2011

snow day the bazillionth

At least it's been a productive snow day. It's too cold (3° with the windchill) to play out in the white stuff so we've been busy inside. Both kids have cleaned their rooms -spotless!- and I've done bathrooms and laundry and dishes oh my!
And it's only 10 am.
Now the kids are quiet upstairs, one on the computer and one playing old school Nintendo so I thought I should make some time to jump on here and make mention of last weekend before we're already headed into another busy one tomorrow morning!

We ran up to Evansville this past weekend and spent a few days to celebrate J's birthday with him. We were so touched that that was his big birthday request... we were more than happy to join in the festivities! And as usual we had a great time. The kids spent a lot of time Just Dance-ing together which was hilarious to watch and us grown ups got plenty of good visiting time in now that all the kids are old enough to scoot away to the upper floor playroom and manage all on their own. Except for little Lydia of course but Ryan and I were more than happy to get our fill of snuggles from one of the cutest babies around while we sat and caught up with Dave and Amie.
Amie and I even got out for a little mommy (and Lydia) time for lunch and consignment shopping just us girls. And grocery shopping, but that wasn't really on the fun list.

J wanted a camping party "just like Sawyer's" so the kids had fun with that.

And Amie made a fabulous campfire -er, I mean cake.

Totally spaced on getting a stairs shot with the kiddos this time around, so the tent will have to do!


Mom said...

Glad you guys got to make the trip. Looks like the kids had a great time,and it sounds like you did too! Love the campfire cake.XOXOXOXO

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