Wednesday, February 9, 2011

we're out of yogurt

Sawyer is not a breakfast person, but he does love to eat yogurt in the morning. He won't eat cereal or eggs or toast or fruit in the morning, but he'll eat yogurt.
And today we're out of yogurt.

I know we're out of yogurt because he told me this approximately 137 times while I was getting Savannah put together, fed and out the door this morning.

After bidding Savannah farewell I (again) ran down the list of other breakfast options for Sawyer which he shot down one and all amidst sighings of "if only there were yogurt...." and strong hints at the Gogurts he knows are in the freezer reserved for special lunches and picnics or as other treats.

Then I remembered we made cookies yesterday.
No fat, no sugar, banana oatmeal raisin cookies.
"Hey Sawyer, you want a couple of cookies for breakfast??"

He hopped up to the table and happily started munching away.
As he polished off the first one and moved on to his second he pondered...
"Mom, I have a question for you.
Did you give me these cookies to get my mind off the yogurt?"

"Why yes. Yes I did."

"Well, nice try but your plan didn't work because I'M STILL THINKING ABOUT IT!
It is NOT that easy."


Mom said...

Love,Love Love it!Miss you guys...XOXOXOXOXO

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