Wednesday, February 16, 2011

it's wednesday

We took off again this past weekend for a few days back in St Louis. We stayed with the Swinigans and got to spend some time with the Malones, the Laughlins, hung out in the old 'hood for a bit with some friends there and made it to our old church for Sunday morning. It was a quick visit, but so good to see everyone!

Heather called me Monday morning to let me know Norah had a fever with an ear infection and strep. I spent the day praying that my kids would stay healthy after spending the last three days (and nights) sharing the same germs. I didn't think to pray for myself.

Kids are fine, but I woke up yesterday hardly able to move... achy and chilled and with that sensitive prickly skin where anything that touches you is torture. My head was killing me and my eyes were burning and after I got the kids off to school I basically stayed in bed all day. And then the throat started hurting...

My fever is gone today and I started antibiotics right away, so hopefully it'll be shortlived. And hopefully the kids stay fine. We rarely pass things around in our house, so I'm not too worried. I'm just glad it was me and not them. Savannah hasn't missed a day of school yet this year and she's planning on making it the whole year without a single sick day! Knock on wood.

So after the whirlwind of being out of town, followed by Valentine's Day to-do's and then a day of being knocked flat on my back, I'm feeling like today is finally the start of my week. I painted a bar/cabinet thingie for our dining room this morning and got some laundry started and plan on still taking it easy most of the day. We have some great spring weather (supposed to be 70 tomorrow!!) this week so maybe I'll sit outside with Sawyer for a bit.
Love the sunshine!!


Mom said...

Sounds like you kicked the bug in the butt! Yay! Hope your week IS sunny and full of fun. We have had snow falling since daylight,but they don't expect it to accumulate OR last.XOXOXO

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