Monday, December 13, 2010

best snow day ever

We spent the day in pj's, wrapped all our presents, washed hair and put it up in twists for curls later (us girls), watched Christmas movies, had mac and cheese for lunch, baked and decorated Christmas sugar cookies, played in the snow, drank hot chocolate and indulged in our sugar cookies, wrote letters to Santa, worked on teacher gifts, snuggled in front of the fire and waited for daddy to get home.

No fighting, no bickering, just lots of relaxing and Christmas music and saying 'what should we do next??'

It was a great day.
Great. Day.

We have another snow day on tap tomorrow.
What are the chances it will be just as enjoyable as today?
And what are the chances we'll all be pulling our hair out driving each other crazy??


Nicole said...

Two snow days in a row? SCORE! How fun! I wish mine had been as enjoyable as yours. Hudson laid on the couch all day sick, and Porter well, he was okay until late afternoon.

Mom said...

Love it! Wish I had been there. XOXOXOXOXOX

jenny said...

so jealous of your snow days. so happy you are loving every minute of it (for now)! :)

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