Wednesday, November 24, 2010


**[I began this post Monday morning and never published because I hadn't gotten around to adding the [very few] pictures I took. I figure I'd better do it now, before we're into another weekend!!**

and holy blue pictures they are!

What a nice refreshing, relaxing weekend we just wrapped up!
The Swinigans came Friday to spend the weekend with us and we just hung out and enjoyed each other... the kids played fabulously and loved the "family sleepovers".
We spent Saturday morning out in the gorgeously warm fall weather we've been having (seriously... it's still 75°!) with a nice long walk around Radnor Lake.

Savannah had gotten Norah a gift of coordinating BFF t-shirts. So they matched their whole outfits and were two peas in a pod all day.

The kids were wiped after our almost 3 mile "hike", but after a stop for lunch at Chick-fil-A, they were full speed ahead again spending almost the entire afternoon out in our backyard.
Heather and I got out that evening for a little mom-free time and then all us grown-ups had a late after-kids-were-in-bed dinner of chinese take-out.
Sunday we just had a lazy morning until they headed home mid-day and then the four of us here actually took a Sunday nap. :) Then the kids had a birthday party to go to that evening, so we topped off our weekend with pizza and birthday cake with friends!

I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to this two day week... I think it'll be a good combination of getting some stuff accomplished, but at an easy pace. I spent this morning painting (again). Did I mention the entirety of trim, doorways, doors and windowsills in this house need to be repainted? So not only are we painting rooms, but then have to go back and trim it all out. It's a slooooow process, that's for sure. Maybe get around to hanging some blinds and other random things like that.

The kids are off Wednesday, I think Ryan'll probably be home earlyish, and then we're set for the start of a great holiday weekend. A few movies, a hockey game, a little baking, a low-key turkey dinner with just the four of us this year, and lots of relaxing, enjoying each other.

What are your plans for this holiday week?


jessica said...

Thinking of you this Thanksgiving (and often, really). Remembering good times.

Have I told you how you amaze me, Heather. You are so creative and giving. I really admire that. Kiss your kiddos for us. God bless your quiet Thanksgiving. That's what we are doing as well.

Mom said...

So nice that you had such great weather while the Swinigans visited. Looks like the kids had a great time.Our weather turned REALLY cold,it even snowed.I will do some baking, make the pumpkin pecan dessert,roast the sweetpotatoes,then head over to Heidi & Gabes tomorrow for the turkey and all the fixin's. Wish you were joining us,you will be missed.Hope Thanksgiving in your new home is a special time. XOXOXOXO

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