Tuesday, November 23, 2010

one more for thanksgiving

We threw one more little goody together last night that is awesome for a neighbor gift, a simple teacher gift or just an adorably cute little dessert to add to your Thanksgiving.
Mini Cream Cheese and Butterscotch Pumpkin Pies. Oh My Yum.
These are so incredibly addicting you must have other people to share these with.

I took pictures.
But my pictures are rather unappealing. It was dark out and with the lighting in my kitchen, my camera made these look like some sort of cheese and sausage bite rather than the gooey sweet goodness of pumpkin and a gingersnap streusel topping. My little pies weren't a cute as the originals anyway, so if you want mouth watering pictures, go here. Also head over there for the recipe. Really- these are so good.

Anyway, I whipped up a batch (and I will only double the recipe from here on out) for a few of our neighbors to wish them a happy Thanksgiving this long holiday weekend.

I boxed up little stacks of mini-pies,

tied it with ribbon and a little neighborly note, and spread a little Thanksgiving yumminess around before everyone gets all holiday fooded out.

We delivered the little boxes last night after dinner.

And shortly thereafter got a call for a recipe request... :)


tracy o. said...

Wishing I was one of your neighbors right about now ;)

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