Wednesday, November 24, 2010

pre-turkey day hockey

Why yes, we are in Nashville. Why do you ask??

<--- St Louis Blues jerseys if you're not a hockey fan.

We went to the Blues game er, I mean the Predators game. I guess it's rightfully called the Predators game if we're home in Nashville, right? But of course we attend when STL is in town. We had fun, but it was cold! I mean, I know it's a hockey game, played on ice and all, but we were all freezing. I thought I'd be fine considering we had upper level seats and I was wearing a t-shirt with a long sleeved t-shirt over that and then a lightweight short sleeved hoodie over that with jeans. But I was shivering almost the whole time. Despite going thru two cups of hot hot chocolate. Ryan had promised the kids Dippin Dots for a treat (and I first fell in love with Dippin Dots during a Blues game so I have a soft spot for them there) and we never recovered. I was spilling the Dots while holding the cup because I was shivering so bad. It was a fun game though. There was a certain new five-year-old who sat next to me...
who did not. stop. talking. the. whole. entire. game. He was only slightly annoying adorable. He gave me a play by play with his own commentary the whole time; "uh-oh, this is NOT GOOD", "ooooh, that was gutsy", "wow, did you see that?", "good pass, good pass" and of course the random yelling "LETS GO BLUES!". He was a little sheepish to cheer loudly for the visiting team at first, but it didn't take him long to warm up. (not literally. still cold.)
Savannah even seemed to be at least somewhat into the game. It was fun.
[Also, the Blues scored just 9 seconds into the game tonight. The last game we went to in STL, they scored in the first 8 seconds of the game. I think we're good luck. Or at least good luck for the first 10 seconds of the games we attend.]

We left a little early (Savannah had already been pointing out for over an hour that it was such-and-such minutes past her bedtime) at the end of the 3rd period... it was tied at 1 but the kids were tired (and cold).
Great kick-off to our holiday weekend!!


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