Monday, November 1, 2010

sick or treat

Here were my treats for this Happy Halloween:

Tylenol, ibuprofen, amoxicillin, hot tea, hot cider, soup, applesauce, tylenol, ibuprofen, chloreseptic spray, throat lozenges, frozen lemonade, a DQ blizzard (thanks hon!), ibuprofen, tylenol pm, and repeat.
For three days in a row.
And lets do it again today.
This is seriously THE worst sore throat EVER. My dr even confirmed that... he shook his head at me three or four separate times during my appt. saying, 'man, that must really hurt. That's about the worst looking throat I've ever seen.'
Um, thanks for making me feel better.
And speaking of feeling better, I don't. Fever/sickwise, I'm good now, but this throat thing is really trying to do me in. I can't eat, can't talk, can't even move, my neck is so swollen and tender. It hurts to even breath my throat is so raw. Seriously, bad shape.

I haven't been sick in a loooong time. Honestly, other than a little two-day cold here and there I cannot remember the last time I was sick like knocked off my feet, not functional.
Not fun.
And of course it was the best timing... the only full weekend we had before Halloween involving the kids each attending a party, a certain little boy's birthday tomorrow and our own big fat birthday party at the end of the week. Plus had wanted to squeeze a couple more house projects in before visitors next week.
Obviously, I got a whole lotta nothin' done.
Birthday shopping will have to be finished tonight, party supplies scrounged up all week and painting done every evening. Sigh. Moms really can't afford to get sick.

On the bright side, I realized this was the first time we've ever had to use our new insurance cards since Ryan switched jobs in March... no illness in almost 8 months! And I went and broke the streak...

Anyway, I do have a few pics of the kids this weekend. We did manage to eek out some costumes (so thankful I kept that part low key this year!) and they candied it up last night. Of course I snapped those pics with my big camera and still haven't found my card reader, so those will have to wait for later tonight.

Till then, Happy November! Hope it's better than how October ended around here!!


K.M.L said...

Hope you feel better soon...

Mom said...

Sorta wish I was there to nurse you back to health,but sorta glad we couldn't make the fall trip this year. I HATE having a sore throat. Hope you don't spread the germs and GET WELL QUICK!!!Happy November to YOU!!!XOXOXO

anne said...

Oh my, that sounds awful. Is it strep? I hope you feel better soon!

LeeAnn Howard said...

ugh I hope you are feeling better soon! I had a cold that lasted 10 days, but not the sore throat. I think that is the worst part of colds!

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