Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I had grand visions of doing a little "mini-session" with Sawyer and my camera today on the occasion of his fifth (FIFTH!!!!!!) birthday. But this was really the first day I even started feeling better from all this sick stuff and other than the requisite blowing out of the candles shtick, I never picked up the camera again but instead enjoyed watching my baby, who's *sniff* clearly not my baby anymore, enjoy his day.

Here are the pics I do have... and please pardon the bedhead; I inadvertently started a new tradition last year by letting the birthdayee have cake for breakfast. If I thought the kids wouldn't remember that from six months ago, I was so very wrong. I kept it somewhat respectable though in that we did pumpkin ginger muffins cupcakes. Yum and yum.
Anyway, cake and presents have to go together in my book, so here we are doing cake and presents at 7am.

Good morning birthday boy

Definitely a happy birthday boy

A few favorite presents...

(Heidi, he was amazed and thrilled when he opened yours!)

And the biggest surprise...

Hint: we don't didn't have a Wii.
And his face when he opened the game (which he's played and loved) and he put two and two together and asked if this meant we would get a Wii...

Word to the wise:
This is what happens when mom is sick for a week before a kid's birthday and only has a couple of token birthday gifts lined up.
It's 8pm Birthday Eve. Dad bakes the cake (did I mention that was sooo yummy?!), wraps the presents, and decides kid really needs something big to get excited about, what else can we get that he's reaaaaally been wanting?, talks mom into it after she's already drugged up and medicated for the night and in bed and before you know it, good ol' dad ends up running to Walmart at 9:30pm to get a game for a game system we didn't own. Yet.

So guess what we went and bought today after breakfast?
And then guess what we did all afternoon....

Happy Birthday anyway Sawyer. You're more than worth it and I can't believe it's already been -and only been- five whole years since we very first met the most adorable little boy in the world. I don't think you'll ever know how much you make us smile. All the way to our hearts. Love you!


Mom said...

Sigh...wish we had been there. He definately looks like he enjoyed his birthday morning!!XOX

Heidi said...

I saw that head lamp in the REI catalog after I ordered his present...and thought of him when I saw it. Guess we won't need to get him one for Christmas!
Happy Birthday Sawyer...we love you. Can't wait to play Mario with you at your house.

jenny said...

happy birthday sawyer! yey for five!

about the wii - it is a great 'tool' to use if you are in need of a reward for something. we do this with tucker. he can play it if he ____. works great. haha! also, that is a favorite game in our house. :)

glad you're starting to feel better!

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