Tuesday, October 26, 2010

is half a million projects at once too much?

I owe some posting here.
We had a great trip last week... short and sweet. I have some pictures I should throw on here, but it's such a hassle with this little netbook I'm still stuck working with, so maybe later.

The last two days (in between watching the weather updates while tornado sirens go off) (seriously... enough with the storms already-- it's almost November!! i'm kind of tired of 80 degrees by now.) I've been in hard core unpacking/organizing/decorating mode. I mean even more hard core than normal. In the next two weeks I have a birthday party and possibly three different houseguests staying here all of which kind of require the use of a functional house, you know? I'm pushing hard to get at least the family room, kitchen, entryway and two main bathrooms done.
Oh and Halloween? When's that?

I was distracted tonight by rush redoing Sawyer's birthday party invitations, which I thought were made up and ready to go two weeks ago, and ended up starting over from scratch. But they're ready to send out tomorrow, so all is good now.
Should probably do a little party planning while I'm at it. Sneak peak?...

Camping party. Complete with tent and campfire and s'mores.
Super excited.

Speaking of party, Sawyer just brought home not one, but two more birthday party invitations from school today. That makes a grand total of seven birthday parties he's been invited to.
We've only lived here for barely over six weeks!! Crazy. Apparently 90% of the population of Nashville was born within two months of each other!
Not to mention four family members' birthdays we did while we were there last week.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your birthday parties! Um, can you remind me what you did for Sawyer's first four?? I'll need some inspiration for Tate's down the road :)

So good seeing you guys! Always wish it was longer- Hope you're settling back in well.


Mom said...

So the kiddos arent really camping...I thought it was an overniter! Whew!!Make sure to take lots of pictures of that party though.I was lucky enough to be at all his other parties,feeling sad that I have to miss out.I am sure it will be very cute & fun as always!!XOXOXOXOXOXO

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