Sunday, August 22, 2010


So it's been quite a week.
My parent's decided to come visit last minute before my mom's summer break was over, so we've had them here, six of us living in a cozy two bedroom condo all this week. We got here last Sunday and as luck would have it, our hot water was out until Tuesday at noon. Then the power was out Wednesday morning and our cars have been behaving questionably. So it's been a week.

We did get some fun stuff under our belts; showed off the new house, looked around downtown Nashville, the riverfront and Centennial park, toured the Galleria, and spent lots of time at the pool.

Ryan and I were treated to not one, but two date nights. The first was a bit of a bust as we hadn't planned ahead at all, it was rainy and stormy and obviously don't know much about this new town. We did go have a drink at a really fun at a really fun bar and after, we tried to see a movie but had just missed everything starting and didn't really want to go to one that started at 10:45. Are we old or what?! So we went for dessert at Noshvilles instead. And then to Target for pullups and shower gel. Romantic, huh.
The next night we tried again and went to a local comedy club and had a great laugh with David Koechner. Loved it.

Today was a free family day at Nashville's Frist Center, so we went and checked that all out, saw the Chihuly stuff, watched some very cool glass blowing, did some great activities with the kids, and saw a glass harmonica concert. Good stuff.

So here we are starting another week here in Nashville.
Savannah is loving school. Loving it. And it makes me so happy.
And man am I ready for Sawyer to start preschool as well. I'm not sure what to do with ourselves for the next two weeks. Even with three adults in the house this week, it was painfully hard to keep him entertained. I guess it doesn't help that he doesn't have most of his toys or books or his bike or anything here. We swim and we play card games. And play card games and play card games and play card games.
We'll probably go find the library this next week. Any other ideas??


Anonymous said...

Go to the zoo and the science center. The zoo has a great playground. He would love it.
Amie R.

heather said...

Problem is, I can handle outdoor activities in this heat at the beginning of the summer... but by the end of August?? I'm done hanging outside in 95 degrees and 95% humidity...

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