Saturday, August 28, 2010


Emphasis on Date.

This is Sawyer's favorite buddy.

This is who he, thus far, has determined he will marry.
He talks about this fact on a regular basis, even not having seen her the past three months since school's been out. When we talk about new friends we'll meet after getting settled in Nashville, he is eager to meet new buddies, but always makes sure I know no matter how many new friends he makes, he's still going to marry "Ree".

And it appears they're on the same page.
I heard through the grapevine that all summer Ree was devastated thinking that Sawyer had moved away. She asked her mom if "people can grow up and marry someone who lives in another world"... translation; can I marry Sawyer even though he moved to Tennessee?? Awww...

A few weeks ago we ran into their preschool teacher and afterward she mentioned to Ree's mom that we were still in town and passed on our number. They just so happened to call us the same week we got the offer on our house and we all know the crazy joy ride we've been on since then, the majority of that ride physically being in Nashville. So we still haven't been able to get to see Ree until now.
With this being our last weekend here in STL, we made a point of hooking up these lovebirds.

Sawyer called Ree when we got home Thursday evening. Oh. My. Goodness.
I have never seen him so flipping excited. He was shaking the whole time he was talking to her. Not like nervous shaking (this was his first friend-to-friend phone call on his own) but just unbelievably excited shaking. He looked like he was shivering like crazy and he could barely talk. And his grin was ear to ear.

So Ree came over to play yesterday. And play they did. They played Zingo and Sorry and pool and cards and race cars and basketball and kitchen and playdough and read comics and swang and had popsicles and I have never seen two kids have so much simple fun together.
It was awesome.

Sawyer played photog too...

And they're back at it today. Yes, two dates in two days. Sawyer and Savannah have been at Ree's house all morning (she has an older brother Savannah's age as well) and are staying for lunch. Kind of sad we missed the chance to soak up more Ree time all summer. She's a sweet little girl!


Mom said...

Super Cute! But what are the plans for/with the big birthday boy???? Hope Ryan has a very good day today!!Thinking of you guys!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh! Look at the way he looks at her!

Jane Douglas said...

Awww.. that brought tears to Ree's mommy's eyes :-( Reese is missing him already!! So happy they had these past 2 days to play and make more memories!

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