Monday, July 26, 2010

to and fro and all over the place

Back in Nashville this week.
Back and forth and back and forth.

No decision on starting school yet.
I was leaning more towards jumping into Nashville... finding a rental or something temporary in the area we think we want to be in.
[Ryan only has this apartment for about three more weeks and can't renew and it's not an area we would be looking in (read: could never begin to afford) anyway]

Then over the past weekend I was feeling more peace about just staying put in the house we still own and starting her in old school where she knows friends and teachers and the school and routines and just waiting to see what happens. Kind of boiling it down to waiting to see what pans out instead of trying to make things happen. The idea of living apart for who knows how many more months is definitely not appealing, but it might make the most sense.

I just hate feeling like something could happen at any time and things could change and then we'll have to get down there quick anyway.

Now suddenly today (maybe it has to do with actually being here again) I'm back to leaning more towards just finding someplace -anyplace- to live in Nashville in what we would like to think would be the school area we'd like to end up in eventually. Whatever we can make work while we still have a mortgage in STL.
I just don't know.

Regardless, we're here for the week.
It's hot and stormy.
I was hoping for a week of hanging out at the pool, but the dark clouds are making that tough.

My aunt and uncle are coming through town the middle of this week and staying with us.
Five kids and four adults in 2 bedrooms and 1000 square feet for two nights... wheee!
It'll be worth it for some good Berke hang out time. That happens too rarely.
I'm definitely hoping for some good pool time then, but we'll get out and do some fun Nashville stuff too.

In other news, we had a good weekend. Had a date night of sorts on Friday and that was good. Saturday we had lunch with friends and spent a good amount of time at the pool. That evening we took the kids to see Marmaduke at the dollar theater... really enjoyed the movie-- it was very cute and really funny and cemented my desire for a Great Dane in our family.
Also awesome: the four of us going to an evening movie, hot dogs popcorn drinks and candy all around (they have the best yummiest real tasting popcorn there!) for less $$ than it would cost all four of us for just tickets to a movie in a regular theater. LOVE the dollar theater!

Also had a good drive down yesterday... despite sketchy behavior from our portable dvd player. (my kids are so over this STL/Nashville commute and if we have to do it sans kids' movies, I will be done as well!)
We stopped about halfway in our trek and met up with some friends for ice cream; Erin went to school with Ryan in Greenville and while she and I had never actually met, we've been connected thru blogging for a few years now. So while she's technically a friend of friends, and there's a real world connection there, I certainly wouldn't know her and probably would have never met her in person if it weren't for all this cyberspace blogger facebook stuff we've got going on, so it was extra fun to meet one of my "blogging buddies". And we got to meet her soon-to-be hubby and new daughter which was so fun. We all stopped for a snack and to stretch our legs and had a great chat time and the kids had a blast running around the playground. It was a great addition to our normally monotonous trip!!

We then stopped for a late dinner and a romantic sunset (ha!) at Sonic at some point and I met my new Worst Enemy. Why have I never been warned of the sinful goodness of Sonic French Toast Sticks?? Oh My Heaven. My first thought after trying a bite of SJ's order last night was, where have these been all my lfe?? I thought my random cravings for their Tots were enough... I haven't stopped thinking about these French Toast Sticks ever since.
It's a good thing I don't know where the closest Sonic is this morning.
I'm in trouble.


Tracy said...

I'm sure living in this rough subdivision that we live in- gun shootings, etc. make it real appealing. :)

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I am sorry you are still making commutes. I totally understand the questions about moving -not moving- rentals and mortgages. We have been there and done that and don't wish it our my worst enemy. I am praying for you to have a true peace about your decision and will feel God pushing you in one specific direction making your decision easier.

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