Wednesday, July 28, 2010

but it's only wednesday

My kids have been absolutely driving me and each other crazy this week. It's not been pretty around here. We're climbing the walls and on each others' last nerves.

Scratch my Aunt, Uncle and cousins coming for a visit. A thrown out back on their end has wrecked havoc on their vacation plans. Missing 36 hours with us is probably the least of their concerns (they were also fitting other friends and family in on this trip, not to mention a great week at Sunset Beach!!), but I was really sad to have time with them fall through.

I've had a strange serious stomach ache for three days now.

My 11-year-old cousin fell off his bike and needed staples in his head.

And the biggest one... My mom and dad arrived for a trip at my grandma's and found her not in good shape... took her in that afternoon (Monday) and found she'd had a (at least one) heart attack among a myriad of other issues. She's been in the hospital since then, stabilized and okay... but today they did the procedure to investigate her heart/arteries/blockages/etc and have not been able to stabilize her since. That was about an hour and a half ago. Crazy low blood pressure, not responsive, not good. They need to fly her to another hospital for surgery, but they can't get her stabilized.

Prayers please.
For my grandma, for my family and the most trivial; for my sanity.
The week's only half over.
I'm kind of afraid of what's yet to come.


Heather S. said...

praying for you all!!

Katie said...

Sorry, to hear about all of your rough patches lately.:( You'll catch a break soon....a much needed break, you're doing an awesome job of trying to stay positive and keep your head up though, good job!!

jenny said...

sending prayers to everyone in your life that needs them right now! hugs!

Ferris Family said...

Lots of prayers!
My kids are also climbing the walls because of this heat.

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