Tuesday, June 1, 2010

weekend report 2

Our long holiday weekend consisted of a perfect summer combination of sunshine, friends, barbecued burgers, a brand new one-year-old, a bounce house, four trips to the pool in three days, water guns, hot dogs, s'mores, yardwork, cupcakes, a movie night, kabobs, strawberries and cream puffs, funchairs, an evening walk after a storm, a morning out to breakfast, whoonu, lots of laughing, snow cones, scrabble and a wedding anniversary.

It was so nice to have Ryan home for a whole four days. So nice.

Sunday night we had our great friends over to share in some yummy food and some much needed, kick back and relax, hang out time together. And we played a game or two. I had a fabulous time.

I just had to snap a picture of the girls (SJ and Yuri) crashed out after bedtime :)

The whole weekend was an excellent hello to Summer...

Plenty more of this to come!!


Anonymous said...

how awesome! we enjoyed our memorial day by buying a new slide for the playplace in my parents' backyard. Anytime water is involved, it makes for a great day! (but lots and lots of laundry...) Love you, Sarah P

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