Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the other anni

Yesterday was Ryan and my wedding anniversary. Eight years. I can't believe it's been eight whole years, but at the same time I can't remember what life was before that. Eight years ago I got to take part in the best day. I LOVED my wedding day. With it's craziness and it's joy and it's celebration. The power and excitement of affirming and sharing our love with family and friends made that day unforgettable. And so many cherished memories of random details throughout the day... all of it makes up the day of the formal beginning of our forever.

But we celebrate today too.
We met 364 days before our wedding day. Which makes nine years ago today.
As crazy as it sounds, I knew I loved him looong before I ever should have. I knew he was it.
And today, exactly nine years after we met, he's still got me completely head over heels for him.
He's still got me.
And he still gets me.
And he meets me where I am.
And I want nothing more than to be with him forever.
He is my favorite.
He is amazing.
And he is mine.
Sometimes that still blows me away.
I am constantly amazed by this man, My Husband, whom I really don't deserve.
We've had our ups and downs over our batch of years together and he's been the same rock through it all. This past six months especially; and the past three that we've lived apart more than together... he's done nothing but step up to the plate again and again to make sure our relationship is happy and healthy and all that it can be.
Thinking about it today, nine years after we met, I have a fuller picture of what God placed in my lap the day we were introduced. A best friend for life. A husband who serves me, constantly. Willingly. He encourages me in all of my heart's desires. He never says no. He isn't impractical or impulsive, but he makes everything possible if it's in his power. He always puts me first. Always. He is the exact opposite of selfish when it comes to our relationship, our kids, our family.

As blessed, grateful and appreciative I was of the man I met then, it's multiplied again and again over the past nine years.
He is the best thing that ever happened to me and I have to celebrate the day he walked into my life :)


Kim said...

aww. congrats on 9 years of togetherness. :)

i also knew i would marry my husband long before i should have too... before we even started dating. i always feel crazy saying that too!

Mom said...

I am so glad Ryan makes you so happy.You are one lucky lady!XOXOXOXOX

Ryan said...

I loved our wedding day as well. But I have loved the last 8 years even more. I feel blessed to be able to share life with you and to build our family and story together.
Here is to another 8 and 80 years!
Love you!

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