Sunday, May 30, 2010

weekend report

So our "staycationing" type of a weekend plan has turned into a be lazy in the summertime plan...
We skipped church this morning, I just unloaded some groceries, Ryan's mowing the lawn, Savannah's going thru a whole ream of paper with markers and Sawyer's in the backyard helping our neighbor work on the fence. He's in heaven... Mr. Bill gave him some scrap wood, nails and a hammer and he's in heaven.

Yesterday we never made it to Six Flags... I did laundry and Ryan sealed our deck as we waited for our pool to open in the morning. We ate a quick early lunch, headed over for a quick dip and then made our way to Evan's first birthday party and made an afternoon of that. We were so worn out from the heat (and all the food) that we vetoed Six Flags and decided to just come back home and go swimming again. Walking back from the pool (at seven thirty in the evening) we got sidetracked and ended up with drinks and s'mores around a fire in a neighbor's backyard. Finally came home at dark and basically all fell into bed.

So after we finish up a few chores this morning, I think we're basically going to spend the whole day at the pool again for today. It's already 85° at 10am, so yeah, a relaxing day at the pool sounds good. I'm just gonna prep some kabobs for dinner -we're throwing together a last minute bbq/game night with the Malones and the Laughlins- and go soak up some sun.

Happy Sunday!


Mom said...

Sounds super!!! XOXOXOXOXO

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