Monday, May 24, 2010


This morning was Sawyer's last day of his first year of preschool...

We made our traditional strawberry bouquet to take for his teacher.
And we ate a few extra along the way :)

Sawyer had an emotional morning as Ryan had stayed an extra night with us last night and left for work (for Nashville) for the week this morning.

Less than an hour later Sawyer and I left for school and as we were walking down the street (quickly because it was already good and hot this morning and my strawberry roses were melting!!) Sawyer was telling me he has to miss too many people...
"I already miss Andrew cuz he moved and it's the last day of school and Sam is already gone and I know I will miss my best buddy Reece -who I'm gonna marry so I won't have to miss her forever- and now today I miss Daddy cuz he left to Tennessee and now I will miss Mrs. Fetsch too much because it's the last day and I won't see her again and she's my best favorite teacher ever."
...and then proceeded to get actually teary eyed and lip quivery.

Thinking about too many goodbyes in one morning I think. :(

At least he was all smiles when we got to school.
Families joined the class for the last hour for an ice-cream party... we sang songs and shared stories authored by the kids and had some yummy ice cream sundaes.
It was kind of rough because at one point other parents and kids were talking about who was going to what class next year and which teacher (some will be in a four year old class and some a fives)... Sawyer looked up at me and said quietly, "I'm not going to the fives class because I'm going to a new school in Tennessee, right mom?"
Just matter-of-fact, but at the same time kind of sad.

I'm glad there was ice cream to cheer us up.

And stories.
Sawyer's page in his classroom's version of May There Always Be Sunshine...

His page says,
May there always be daddies

With his best buddy Reece:

(this is who he tells me every chance he gets that even though he likes all his buddies, he loves her the best and even though all the girls want to marry him (!!!) Reece is the only one he wants to marry)(seriously, he has been smitten with her all year. smitt-ten!)

And smiles with his Best Favorite Teacher Ever who he will miss too much:


Anonymous said...

poor guy! that uncertainty has to be so hard...

Katie said...

I'm SO making that bouquet for Donnie's teachers this year....I remember when you did that for Savannah's pre-k teachers in J-Town and I thought it was so sweet & a great idea! Love!

Grandma Debbie said...

Sawyer is so sweet! And he and Reece make a very cute couple! (Sawyer is just like his daddy was in school: all the girls wanted to marry him also!) It is sad to leave behind friends and favorite teachers, but it will help him get stronger.... Give him a big hug and kiss for me.

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