Thursday, May 15, 2008

she's all growed up

Okay, not really, she's only just turned five. But again today I'm feeling a little bittersweet about all this growing up that's been going on around here lately.
Savannah's at her last afternoon of preschool right now as I type. And while I'm not necessarily sad about her being done with her year there (last year's school, yes... that was sad. That was hard to leave. She had some amazing teachers and really enjoyed the friends she made. This year's class? Notsomuch.), it is hitting me as such a huge stepping stone.
Preschool is over. Time for the real world. She's now a big kid. A real kid.

And of course, being the big kid that she is, Savannah made her teachers her own card today. She asked for a card to decorate, and with stickers and colored pencils she had at it, all on her own. I offered to help her, to be sure she said thank you for a fun year and yada yada yada, and she said no-- that she could do it herself. *sniff*
And she did. And I was quite impressed.
I didn't scan it like I wanted to, but here's what it said, word-for-word:
Dear Teachers
Ther's 1 day of sool left.

Thank you oh thank you for a grat class!

I will miss you
(heart) Savannah

We didn't have much ta-do over the end of the year thing. We really didn't get the teachers gifts or anything. I just didn't feel attached to them, or that they were all that attached to my daughter. Or any of the class for that matter. They were fine teachers, but that's kind of where it ends. And lest you think I'm being ignorant and of course they loved their kids and I just don' t realize how much work and effort and heart they put into making this last year of preschool a year of fun and nurturing and learning for these kids... Uh-uh. I taught preschool for 10 years. I know when a teacher puts in the effort she should and when she doesn't. And sadly, they didn't. I'm just soo glad that Savannah had such a great year of three-year-old preschool the year before in Michigan, and while she enjoyed her year this year too, it just wasn't the same.

Anyway. We did bring them a treat today, with it being the last day and all.
We made a chocolate covered strawberry bouquet for them. For some reason, it didn't turn out as pretty as it did last year when we brought one for Savannah's then teachers' valentine, but it at least served it's purpose; they liked it, which is what counts.
Turns out white chocolate covered strawberries are actually Savannah's teacher's absolute favorite thing, and she was so excited!!

So when I pick up Savannah in another half an hour, I guess I'll technically have a kindergartener on my hands. Man oh man. What am I doing with a Kindergartener?


Mom said...

Those bouquets are so sweet.Glad you shared the pictures.XOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

she sounds like such a great KID! :)

annie said...

I can't believe SJ can spell/write that well!! I'm wondering...what will they teach her in kindergarten?? I just hope she doesn't get too bored and end up having to "tutor" the other kids...sheesh! It's hard for me to imagine Cade spelling/writing that well in a year. Cute bouquet too! It IS weird to think about Savannah being a kindergartener already. Enjoy your night!

K.M.L said...

What is your plan for this weekend??? We need to get together soon!

lina said...

I think it looks beautiful! It is a neat idea for the teachers :)

jessica said...

I just love that sweet little girl. She is a sharp one.

I remember those becoming-a-big-girl days. Just wait until the first day of school. Boo hoo.

jenny said...

she is such a sweetie! what an awesome gift too - yum!

jessica said...

she is too adorable. that's a great photo. and i love your strawberry bouquet. think a man teacher would like those? ha ha.

Emilie said...

tbat is soo stinkin' cute!!! I love it! It looks like she did a great job with the strawberries and the card! She is getting soo big! Just between this summer and!!! Its crazy!!!

Heather S. said...

What a sweet girl! That picture is adorable!

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