Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I think we're on day six of sunny, hot, want to be in the water if you're outside kind of weather. We went straight from cool, dreary, wet days to Wow, it is definitely summer!
And I love it.

The kids -not just mine, but all in the neighborhood- have been soaking it up, spending pretty much all their time in swimsuits in sprinklers or sopped up on slip'n slides, splashing from yard to yard around here. Swimsuits, popsicles and sprinklers, what more is there to being a kid??

Well, it would be just that much better if our pool was already open. Of course it's 90+ degrees all this week and the pool doesn't open 'til Saturday. Boo.
Also, we had to be out of the house all morning due to house showings and Sawyer wanted to go to a park, so we tried that but it was too hot. And I had the brilliant idea of visiting one of quite a few parks around here that have splash/spray pad play areas... but they don't start the water works until Memorial Day. Boo again.

Basically, we're stuck making the most of this glorious sunshine for the rest of this week without county or neighborhood run water play.
So while at the store this morning, I decided to grab a $2 blow-up pool for the kids to put at the bottom of the slide in the yard or whatever. Something simple just to change it up a bit. Sawyer's been splashing in it all day, a wet combination of the pool, buckets, squirters and the hose.

It's also good for relaxing (even tho it's a little small!).

Poor Sawyer is so looking forward to SJ being done with school when he'll have his sister and other neighborhood kids to hang out with all day instead of his lame mom who isn't exactly thrilled about sprinklers or two foot diameter plastic puddles...


Tracy said...

Lucy was wanting to play today but was not feeling 100%. Mac is sick again w/ another fever so I figured i better keep her inside. Im hoping she will get to play outside tomorrow.

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