Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm officially in the process of emptying our pantry and our freezer. I'm boycotting the grocery store except for milk and bread (thank goodness for our produce co-op) and using every little last thing in our pantry and freezer.
So that our freezer will be empty when we move.

I'm living like we are moving. Soon.

Yep, I'm living in faith.


Mom said...

I like your thinking!!! XOXOXOXO

jessica said...

I think faith is good! Second lookers are good!

Ryan said...

I can't wait for the last week that we are in STL when we are eating 2 yr old chicken pot pies with a side of freezer-burned tater-tots and the end of a few frozen veggie bags...or maybe we will just have otter pops left.

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