Monday, May 17, 2010

almost summer

We went to the library yesterday.

The due date on our books?... JUNE 1

Seriously? How can it possibly be only two weeks until June already??!?!!

This is Sawyer's last week of speech class. Next week is his last week of preschool. Savannah's down to 12 days of school left.

It is officially Almost Summer.

I'm kind of freaking out about it and having a really hard time wrapping my head around what the calender is saying.

I think a big part of it is the fact that I assumed we would be deep in the process of moving by now. I had prepared myself for the possibility of not quite making the end of the school year here and I've been semi-subconsciously operating under the mindset that if we weren't out of here by the time June rolled around, we would be at least definitely on the way.
And yet here we are, headed into the last two weeks of May with all the school wrap up stuff going on, and we are absolutely no closer to actually moving or even having a plan than we were three months ago. Six months ago when all of this started.

Also contributing to my mind's boycott of Almost Summer is the stinky weather we've had around here lately. It's really not bad... it's just that after record breaking warm temperatures in both March and April, really summerlike weather then, May has been nothing but cool, stormy and rainy. Which one could argue we're due for after the beginning of our springtime, but seriously- it makes it hard to think we're on the way to the neighborhood pool opening. We'd better get some warmer weather in here pronto because we plan on taking full advantage of pool time while we're still living here and I'd rather not swim in a frozen pool. C-c-c-c-c-cold!

The kids are ready for the pool though... Sawyer asks almost everyday if it's open yet.
(12 days to go, but who's counting?)
They've been scoping out new pool toys in every store we step foot in. I finally let them grab a couple of squirters at the dollar store this weekend. And even though we have no swimming in sight (it's been 60 degrees and raining for over a week straight), Sawyer made do this afternoon...

with a puddle.

Well, it used to be a puddle anyway...

this kid spent -no exaggeration- an hour out here playing with his squirter, and literally sucked all the puddles around our house dry.

I think he's ready for summer.


Ryan said...

He has to get that practice in before we go ambush people at the pool.

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