Friday, May 21, 2010

friday fun

It's Friday. Finally.
Trying to make it fun, despite the gloomy weather.
Looking forward to a fun afternoon with friends, a couple of fun days of great (90°) weather coming up, and an fun extra night with Ryan here watching the LOST finale on Sunday.

Meanwhile, some random fun questions for you:
Tell me...
what was the last fun thing you ate, what was the last fun thing you got in the mail, and what was the last fun thing you bought for yourself?

I had an ice cream sandwich last night (always love those!!)
got Perry the Platypus in the mail (no, not for me, for Sawyer)
and I bought myself was bright purple nail polish last week. :)

Your turn!


Christina said...

I'll join in......
Last ate a biteful of the dinner we are having tonight, Sagebrush Chicken Cobbler, just to make sure it tasted good and all.
Last fun thing in the mail was a new shirt and earrings from a friend for my b-day,
I bought myself some coconut vanilla lipgloss from Bath and Bodyworks this week. It tastes yummy.

Have a great weekend Friend!

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