Wednesday, March 10, 2010

this post intentionally left titleless

I got caught up online looking for houses this evening, making a house-hunting list for this weekend, so I (once again) didn't get around to the blogging I wanted to do.

I will get pics on here this week before I'm even more incredibly behind.
But for now I'm headed to bed. I need to bank up a little sleep before we head to Nashville and all four of us share a room for four nights!

Just wanted to check in and say we had a much better day today...
maybe it was the 74 degrees and sunshine, or maybe we were all just better rested, or maybe it was just plain a better day, but whatever it was, it felt good!

(and thank you my friends, for your words of encouragement and offers of help! they are much appreciated!!)

Walked Sawyer to preschool this morning... and then met some girlfriends for a good long walk while he was gone... and then walked back to pick him up! Whew! Returned home to pile the boys in the car and meet more girlfriends for lunch and chit chat. Then back home to spend the rest of the afternoon outside with friends!
It was so nice; we had doors and windows open all day and ceiling fans going!

I hope real spring is here to stay!!


Ellemes said...

Jealous...totally jealous...

But what a nice day for you!

Mom said...

Any houses excite you yet????

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