Tuesday, March 9, 2010

is it friday yet?

I had high hopes of getting some pictures on here today from the last two weekends of great weather (and in psyching up for the highly anticipated 71° tomorrow!!) but I think I'm skipping it. It's been a helluva couple of days.

Was I naive to think Ryan being gone would be no big deal?! Or is it simply coincidence that these first two days have been so full of chaos??

Yesterday was full of a crying baby, a crabby boy, a sick momma, getting the dawdliest girl on earth off to school, a leaky car, a messy house and rushing to a cheerleading program to top it off making it a really unhappy late night for all of us.

Today was full of the same dawdley girl, a teary little boy, a luckily happy baby, cleaning and getting out of the house for an agent open house first thing this morning, hanging out at the car dr, driving here there and everywhere, gloomy gray skies, and a pile of "constructive criticism" on our house from the open house. And a sick momma losing her voice.
Yes, my throat is still killing me.
And I'm so. tired.

So instead of real blogging, I think I'm tucking these kids into bed and making myself a nice hot bath and heading straight to bed myself.

Tomorrow is another day...


Tracy said...

what was the constructive criticism? I think it looks great!

Mom said...

I hope YOU are tucked in & sleeping soundly by now.Thanks for taking the time for this update,but PLEASE take care of yourself.Stress is hard on a body.XOXOXOXOX

Katie said...

Heather! What can I do??

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