Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Man, did I suddenly fall off the face of the earth or what?!
Yeah, that's what five days in Nashville with no internet will do to you. Did you hear that? My husband is living with no internet. I was having serious withdrawls... have you ever tried to navigate a new city, house hunt, research areas and said houses and find things to keep your kids occupied for five days without internet?? Not. Fun.
They don't have a dvd player either.
Or even a remote for their tv.

Ryan has a temporary condo down there next to Vanderbilt with a cohort (ahem, *bossish type of cohort*) who also took a position down there and who's family is staying in St Louis to sell their house and finish out the school year as well. So there they are, these two "bachelors" livin it up in Nashville sans wives and kids in this posh furnished condo with floor to ceiling windows and pretty snazzy views of the city... with no internet, cable or even a tv remote.
Apparently they like to hang out at work.

Anyway. I just hopped on here to say I'm here, I'm alive, we're back and we're busy.
We got home late last night after stopping by a Blues game here in STL.
I was actually looking forward to a nice relaxing day catching up on some stuff (read: internet) here at home today.
Well my do-nothing relaxing day turned into the following:
  • meeting Mrs. Cohort to pass off some laundry and belongings as she's making the trip down there this weekend (and you guessed it, the guys have no washer/dryer or laundry room).
  • last minute pediatrician visit
  • drop off rental car
  • lunch/playdate for a few hours with friends here while we waited for the window guy (who was supposed to be here between 12 and 3 and of course came at 2:45) to fix a couple of seals on upstairs windows
  • soaking up some sunshine outside with the kids
  • impromptu St Paddy's party this evening with the neighbors with lots of kids running around and lots of food and a few beers
So yeah, I got a little sidetracked.

Here are a couple of pics from the "green game" I took the kids to last night to tide you over...

(they handed out these green Blues t-shirts at the game, which thrilled Savannah since she was stressing about not having any Blues or green attire!)

check out the time of the first goal here!!...


Mom said...

Yay! You are back. I missed the updates & pictures.Not impressed with Ryans new accomadations.Nice view,but no laundry??What's with that?? Did you at least find a house that looked promising?XOXOXO

Ryan said...

I wish that I could have been at the game with you guys! Thanks for the visit, it made Nashville feel a little bit more like home.

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