Sunday, February 14, 2010

a valentine weekend

Friday the Swinigans watched our kids so Ryan and I could go out. We went to dinner and then out to hear some great music. Really, anyone local here (well, I guess anywhere, because they do tour!) is missing a great show if you haven't seen Fundamental Elements. And I'm not just saying that because we know a few band members! We had a great time and it was especially sweet for us because Russ did a cover of "our song"... which was our first dance at our wedding reception! Awwww....

Saturday we buckled down and hashed out a ton on the house projects. That is, in between Savannah's game in the a.m., a big trip to Lowe's in the afternoon and then taking the kids out for V-day. We originally talked about taking them individually out for special little one-on-one dates on Saturday and then switching kids and doing it again on Sunday. But we were really wanting to pound out a lot of projects over these two days, so we revamped our plan and did one whole family date, letting the kids each pick a place they wanted to go. Sawyer picked Sports Authority. Yes, the sporting goods store. He likes to use their putters on the little practice green and look at bikes. :)
Savannah chose Steak 'n Shake. And then changed her mind to McDonalds. We are fancy.

Today we woke up to valentine donuts and the kids opened their traditional valentine gift of a new always-something-about-how-much-we-love-them-book tied to a mylar valentine balloon and after church (and a yummy lunch of biscuits and gravy- thanks honey!!) we got back to work. We painted the entryway, the wall at the top of the stairs and the half bath, installed two new lights (the bathroom and the one above the kitchen table) and finished up a few other miscellaneous things. And that was just today!
I'm hopeful we can get the ball rolling on listing the house by the end of this week!

Ryan and I are ending the night early with a little Sailors and a dose of Big Love. That's my idea of a great valentine!

We had a busy weekend, but I think it turned out to be a good balance of some quality time for us grown-ups (Friday night), quality time all together (team races at Lowe's, our classy v-day date with the kids, some good meals and some snuggle time during some movies at home), and even some good quality time for just the kiddos with each other (while we neglected them for home improvement projects and left them to fight it out fend for themselves with video games, movies, games and snacks with each other).

Hope you had a fun day (or weekend) celebrating the ones you love in your life!


Heather S. said...

Cracking up that Sawyer picked Sports Authority!!

What color did you decide to paint the wall at the top of the stairs?

Kelli said...

sorry i didn't make it over to you guys on friday night! i kept starting to make my way to you guys & got caught up in conversations with other people.

glad you guys had such a good & productive weekend!

K.M.L said...

Glad you had a great weekend! Can't wait to see you guys soon!!! Miss ya! :)

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