Friday, February 12, 2010

on their arms

I got the kids in on it too...
on a much smaller level of course, obviously leaving out my story and the grown up realities of depression and addictions and such.

We talked about being reminded and knowing how much they're loved.
While we talked this morning, I let them pick out stickers and stamps and designs to mark on their arms to remember throughout the day. (Savannah liked my t-shirt and that we were being so literal about it!)

We talked a little about how some people are extra sad and don't always know or remember that they're loved or that their life is good and that we always have to remember to share God's love and to treat people specially and let them know we care whenever we have the chance.

We talked about how the more we love each other in our family and make each other feel loved and important in our home, the easier it is to "fill other people's buckets" so to speak.

I wrote on their arms...

And I hope they always see it there.


Mom said...

Me too. Missing you guys bunches...XOXOXOXOX

K.M.L said... this! :)

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