Wednesday, February 17, 2010

talk about random

You should know I have absolutely no idea where this post is going or where it will end up!

I'm feeling restless tonight. Restless and a little bit whiny, just to warn you.

And I know- all I talk about is house stuff anymore.

I'm tired of doing all this house stuff. Okay, I'm not tired of it really, because I really love doing all this stuff; I love organizing and clearing out and spiffy-ing things up and updating things and getting creative and making things look new again (and buying new things!!).

I just wish I weren't doing it for other peoples' benefit.

And I wish I were done already.

I think I just need to stop.
I think the more I do, the more I want to do. Like if I make one thing look fresh and clean and perfect, it makes me want to fix every other single thing in the room so it's perfect too. And then in the next room. And the next. And I could probably keep going for a loooong time. And we frankly don't have time for that.

I just need to call it good and hope that a buyer will fall in love with this house even if it's not perfect and that this house can sell exactly when and for how much we need it to.

And save my energy to put into our new house. When we don't have any money to spend, HA!

I'm just in a funk tonight. And my tailbone still hurts. And I cut my finger somewhere between putting together a pantry cabinet and installing new blinds and it has been throbbing all day like a buggar.

I think I need a drink tonight. Or a milkshake. Probably both. But my drink master/milk shaker has left for the evening to go run around with a bunch of guys on a soccer field so I'm just sitting laying here on the couch feeling sorry for myself with my sore bum and tired feet and wallowing in my restless, whiny mood.

Sawyer broke down a few times in the last few days about moving. Surprisingly he's taking this a lot harder than Savannah who is the worrier and definitely more attached to friends and school here. I guess, though, that this is the only home Sawyer knows. Savannah remembers moving once or twice. Sawyer's been here for 3/4ths of his short little life and it's all he knows.

Ryan went to Nashville, just for the day yesterday to deliver some work stuff, so he was gone early (5am) and back late (9pm). Sawyer broke down the night before when Ryan told him ahead of time that he would be gone for the whole day and he wouldn't see him the next day. I thought Sawyer was crying just because he'd miss his dad, although that's an odd reaction considering Ryan's been gone plenty of times before. Well it started out as "I'll miss you so much" and quickly turned into a blubbering mess of "I don't want to move to Nashville!". Something about Ryan going down there really got Sawyer going. I think all this house stuff going on lately is distracting... Sawyer loves to help and he's actually been a part of almost every thing we've done here; pulling up leftover staples when we removed carpet, painting, tool assistant, etc. He loves tools and jobs and even cleaning stuff he'll, get right in and beg to be handed a task. And he'll talk up big these kinds of things we'll do in a new house we want to buy and what color he wants his room and so on and so forth.
But when it comes down to it... when he was reminded that Ryan is actually going to work down there... that it is so far away... that he has no idea what we're really getting ready for... he's having a hard time with that.

We talked briefly earlier this week about taking a trip down there this weekend to look around some more and get a feel for houses and such. We kind of nixed the idea because we have a few things on the calendar this weekend and want to be sure we have everything wrapped up on this house here and get this thing listed! Now I'm kind of wishing we were going... maybe Sawyer will feel a bit better looking around and actually being in Nashville. Right now it's just this unknown in his head... he hasn't been there since he was 11 months old!

*sigh*... have I mentioned I'm just ready for this all to be over??


Heather S. said...

We are so praying for you guys!! I know the kids will make friends easily and Nashville will become home very quickly! I'm sorry Sawyer is having a hard time with it!!

jenny said...

having a bummy day mixed with all the emotions of a move has to be draining! i'm sure all the unknown to him is really scary, but i'm sure he'll have plenty of fun projects to help with in the new house. once it's happening and you're all together i hope things are easier. :)

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