Saturday, January 9, 2010


The kids both had sleepovers last night... Sawyer had his friend A over while Savannah went and spent the night with his sister E at their house. This was Sawyer's first buddy sleepover! And they did awesome... the whole fam was over for dinner last night and then the parents, the baby and the girls headed home and the boys got ready for bed here. Compared to the girl sleepovers we've had, these boys were a piece of cake! Not that Savannah and her friends have ever been trouble, but these boys were asleep by 9:30, on their own, and they slept until 7! Are boys just different than girls?? In our experience so far, the girls would giggle all night if we let them!

Here's a bed-head, vegging out with cartoons, munching on breakfast cereal, cheesy smiling, early morning pic of Sawyer and A today...

So after doing the kid switch back this morning, Savannah had her first basketball game to cheer at!
She was awesome!! Here's our little cheerleader:

"hands on hips,
smile on lips!"

you may recognize this girl right here as well...

the girls are having a lot of fun doing this together!

It really was so fun to watch Savannah today... her team was great with their volume and their spirit, knowing their routines... Savannah had a smile on her face the whole time, really enjoying herself! We were really proud of her!!


Mom said...

How cute Savannah looks! I hope we get a chance to see her cheer sometime. You can tell she loves it! Such fun pictures. So glad you shared them.Thanx!!To SJ.... Great job Savannah! It looks like you did the very best you could!!!We are all very proud of you! XOXOXOXO Gramma G

Grandma Debbie said...

Savannah looks like she was having so much fun! So, I guess she will be taking after Aunt Jenn and becoming a cheer leader into high school ?! Jenn loved it, too. We are so proud of you, Savannah, and are glad you are having fun doing such a hard sport! It takes a lot of practice! But, we are glad you found one you like so much.....Keep having fun and keep up the good work! Love, Grandma Debbie (& Grandpa Andy)

Trish said...

So cute! Glad you had so many pics...!

jenny said...

savannah is too cute! like a little professional! :) love it.

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