Tuesday, January 12, 2010

hopefully tuesday is better than monday

Monday was kind of a bummer day all around.
I'm afraid our beloved 4Runner might really be on it's way out. At thirteen years old, it's sure put in it's fair share of time and travel... and been awfully nice to us all the while. We've really had no problems with it whatsoever, with the exception of a broken hose a couple of summers ago.
This time I'm afraid we're not going to be so lucky.
It could be something simple again like a busted hose or tube or something (which would explain the gallons of transmission fluid all over our garage floor right now), but I just have a feeling it's not that cheap easy this time around. Transmission problems -fluid or not- make me nervous. Feeling your transmission doing all sorts of wacky things... like, say, pushing on the gas pedal and not going anywhere, while you're driving isn't very cool.

So. It's parked at the car doc right now and we're saying a little prayer for our family car.
Especially since we're going to be out of town this week.
And Ryan found out his last day of work is February 26th.
And who knows what we're going to do after that.
Not really the best time to need a new vehicle.

So we're homebound today... we were supposed to be at a playdate/surprise baby shower this morning and Sawyer has speech class today, but no can go. Luckily it's supposed to actually get above freezing tomorrow so we can probably at least walk Sawyer to preschool. I guess I have no excuse but to get plenty done around the house today.

In better news, my No Spend January is going well... I've only spent $3.29. That was yesterday morning at Michaels.
Just before the car gave out.
Hmmm... punishment?


jenny said...

oh man. i hope your day - hell your week/month - improve. sending prayers for the 4runner and good vibes on the direction of your family.

Mom said...

Think good thoughts! Wednesday will be even better than today!!XOXOXOX

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