Friday, January 8, 2010

and another snow day

Lots on the agenda today... grocery shopping, playdate, birthday party, piano lessons, friends over for dinner (what to make??) and then Savannah is going home with them for a sleepover while Sawyer's buddy stays the night here. Busy, fun Friday!

Ah, Friday. I love Fridays.
Although lately everyday is basically a Saturday around here.
No school again today...
That makes one single day back to school this week after two weeks off and now we're looking at a four day weekend!

We've got the same amount of snow, it's been off and on all day and night, but really the killer is the temperature. It's 7° right now but the wind chill is -15. Apparently they don't want kids standing out at the bus stop in this weather :)

Since it's too cold to send the kids out in the snow we have to play today, Sawyer and Savannah spent some time this morning scrolling thru some of the old playing in snow shots on the iPod.
Here are some of the oldies... when we lived with real snow!

Jackson, Michigan, three years ago,
Savannah was three-and-a-half and Sawyer was 14/15 months old


Anonymous said...

wow, i knew your kids were cute and all, but SERIOUSLY! How cute were those pictures!? Also, we're from Nebraska and I totally relate to what you said about "real snow." We laugh when they call for a snow day here. And when we see that mad dash to the grocery store before the "storm hits." It's bananas. See you later! Looking forward to it. Sarah P.

Mom said...

I fondly remember it snowing on Sawyers 1st birthday.What fun we had in that great big yard!XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

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